How to Play

Nzango teams are usually composed of 11 players and six reserves and is played on a pitch measuring 8 metres by 16 metres. Guided by a referee, opposing teams line up and face each other and take it in turns to do battle with their opposite number while the reserves chant songs and clap their hands.

The game lasts for two halves of 25 minutes each.

Each team has an attack and a defend phase during which the other team, respectively defends and attacks.

Players win points, also known as “feet”, according to the position of their feet in relation to their opponents’ feet, depending on whether the legs of two players intersect or not.

The winning team is the one that wins the most “feet” at the end of the 50 minutes.

At the beginning of the match, the teams choose an attack foot, with one side taking the right foot and the other left.

Then the first two players step forward. The goal of the player from the attack team is to move forward on their designated attack foot at the same time as their opponent does.

For example the player who attacks with the right foot scores one or more points each time their opponent responds with the left foot. On the other hand, if the player advances her right foot and the opponent also answers the right, she loses.

These movements are traditionally preceded by big jumps – although these moves do not earn any points, you can’t lose a point with both feet in the air.

Teams attack or defend alternately